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Ediwriter's analysis and critique report for myhomeinsf.com

One of Ediwriter's most popular services is the free website review. Businesses from all industries ask me to review their websites and offer them a second professional opinion on their performance. It's free, with absolutely no commitment.

My review reports are not intended to judge or mock poorly performing websites, but to identify problems and suggest ideas for improvements. Here is my review report for a real estate website.

Ediwriter's critique and analysis report for myhomeinsf.com

Homepage: The homepage of myhomeinsf.com is almost mute, with almost no text. John Solaegui, a San Francisco realtor, relies too much on the homepage's video. The problem is that a web page should be more than a post on Instagram.

Although it's not a critical mistake, I don't think it's a good idea to use a business name and logo which are different than the domain name. Since the website is all about John's services, I think it would make sense to use a domain name related with his name.

Navigation: The logic flow of the main navigation menu is a bit mixed up. For example, why would the "our team" link come before "properties"? Users who land on a real estate website to look for properties will never spend time reading about teams before searching for properties.

Testimonials are a thing of the past. The far past. First of all, because of the extensive use of fake testimonials on many websites over many years, no one takes them seriously anymore. Secondly, in our social media era there is no need for testimonials on the website. Definitely not as a separate link on the main menu.

Speaking about social media, the 'sign up for newsletter' link is also a totally outdated and useless link. No one today signs forms in order to be flooded with emails. The much better alternative is to enable users to collaborate on social media.

Video: The video is fine. It's not too long and John does a good job explaining what he offers. The only problem is John's image on the video. He looks worried, stressed and a bit gloomy. This image doesn't look inviting or engaging enough to encourage visitors to click it.

The testimonials on the right hand should go off. Starting the homepage with testimonials before even introducing himself or his business is a big mistake. It sends a message of lack of self confidence. It's like welcoming a new customer in an office with "hey, you don't believe me? Look what people say about me...".

Inner pages: Since the inner pages are based mainly on lists and basic information, it emphasizes the homepage's emptiness in terms of content.

The properties page, which is the essence of the whole website, should also include a few marketing oriented phrases. Right now it's just a simple list.

Bottom line: John Solaegui may be a great real estate agent who offers updated and valuable property lists. The problem is that he doesn't use his website as a marketing tool, but only as an e-brochure.

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