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Creative Naming Ideas For Products

Your products' names are an essential part of your business image. A good name attracts attention, makes a strong impression and is easy to memorize.

The Impact of Effective Product Names

Developing a new name for your product is an essential phase of the overall branding process. The new name you're about to choose will identify your product on the market and it will distinguish it from the competition.

It doesn't matter if it's your own product, if it's an existing product that needs a new name, or if you buy it from a third party and sell it with a different name. Once you've decided to put a new product on the market, you must give it a new name.

ideas for product names
ideas for product names

The challenge of developing a new product name

Many experts will tell you that the new product name you choose will have a critical impact on its success. I do agree that the name is important, but in my opinion the damage caused by a bad name is much stronger than the added value of a good name.

The other most important thing that should affect your naming decision is... the way you feel about the new product name! It can be one of the greatest product names ever created, but if you're not in love with it, drop it! You'll never be able to live and work with a product whose name you don't like.

Match the Product Name With Your Target Market

Developing a new product name is not the same as developing a new business name. Although the basic principals are similar, the new product name will have to be meaningful and directly related to the product's uses, benefits or characteristics. Ideally, good product names are both meaningful and unique.

Your new product name doesn't have to describe or explain the product, but it shouldn't be too generic either. A generic or totally meaningless product name will force you to increase your advertising budget, trying to educate your targets and explain how the new name is related to the product.

Good product names should be short, relevant, easy to pronounce, intuitive, and most important - to suit the product's target market. For example, while letters or initials can be fine for a tech related product, they won't work with a nursing home name; while an emotional product name can be excellent for a new diamond, it won't work with a new tire.

original product naming ideas

How To Name a New Product?

There are lots of different elements that can affect the creation of a meaningful, unique and intelligent product name. In order to come up with the best naming options and to refrain from the damage of a bad name, you've got to work with a naming expert on your side.

As a naming consultant and marketing expert with more than 18 years' experience, Ediwriter is one of the best online resources for creating a new product name. Using proven and highly effective techniques, I develop original naming ideas that are based on vast expertise, creative ability and strong intuition.

Don't compromise your image and reputation! Don't settle for the first idea that comes to mind and don't decide on the new name during an in-house entertaining brainstorm. Keep in mind that a bad name can have a devastating impact on its success!

Bad product names have poor connotations, they are hard to spell, hard to pronounce or hard to remember. Bad names are also expensive because you'll have to waste your marketing emphasis on the name instead of on the product and its benefits.

What Do You Get?

All the domain naming ideas I'll develop for your company will be subjected to rigorous analyses and screening. They will reflect the values and uniqueness of your business, guaranteeing relevancy and clear market distinction

  • At least 5 original ideas per project
  • Affordable price, only $350
  • Quick turnaround of only 48 hours
  • All ideas are personally created by Eddie
original naming ideas

Let's Get Started!

Ediwriter is one of the best online resources for creating your new product name. As a specialized naming consultant and marketing expert, I use proven and highly effective methods to develop naming ideas. My naming concepts are a unique blend of vast expertise, creative ability and strong intuition.

The price for a developing a new product name is only $350. Order your new product name now, and I'll send you at least 5 ideas within 48 hours! If you have any questions before starting your project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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5 original ideas within 48 hours



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