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Creative Ideas For a New Powerful Domain Name

Your domain is an essential part of your website's image. A good name attracts attention, makes a strong impression and creates sharp distinction.

The Impact of a Professional Domain Name

One of the most difficult challenges in developing a new website name is to find a name which is a free dot com domain. Moreover, if you're doing business both online and offline, the new domain name will have to be your business name. After all, regardless of the legal or trademark implications, no company should use separate names for its offline and online activities.

Creating an impressive and effective dot com domain is paramount to your business image and success. The problem is that with such a population explosion of online business entities, we are rapidly depleting the supply of new dot com domains, especially in crowded categories like financial services or communication. It's not impossible, but it's a very complex and time-consuming process.

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Some of Ediwriter's Business Name Examples


Digital Photography




Sonar Technology




Art Museum


Ecommerce platform


Software app


Soft drink


Beauty boutique


Counseling center


Real estate


Night Club


Ad agency


Healthcare center


Medical tech


Metal Contractor

The challenge of developing a new website name

If you're looking to develop a new website name or if you decided to change your present domain name, the creation process involves many important factors that should be taken into consideration. For example, the new domain name will have to be relatively short, meaningful and relevant to your targets.

A short name is easier to remember, it makes a better brand, it's more difficult to misspell and it delivers a more impressive image. Also, a good domain name should be intuitive. It's fun to put together strange combinations of words or even an entire phrase that describes the website. The problem is that it's not effective. This is why it's so hard to find free short names, while it's very easy to find long combinations.

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"A creative choice if you are planning to rebrand or develop a new identity for your online business."

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"Catchlines that draw attention through smart and funny messages. Still an effective advertising medium."

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How to name a new website?

When you choose a new name for your website say it out loud and listen how it sounds. See if your tongue gets twisted around its syllables. Make sure it sticks in mind and that it can't be easily confused with other similar names. Don't force any keywords within the new domain name unless it makes sense and it looks as a natural choice.

In their desperation to find a great new domain name, many site owners tend to compromise by looking for easy gimmicks. For example, they grasp at hyphenated names, or add "the" in front of a taken domain. These are definitely the shortest and most effective ways to ruin your business image and reputation!

Naming a new website or renaming an old website is a very challenging job which should be performed by a specialized naming expert. Ediwriter is definitely one of your best options! Place your order now and take advantage of this Limited Time Discount price. I'll send you at least 5 original ideas within only 48 hours! Free domain name ideas that are effective, powerful and impressive.

What Do You Get?

All the domain naming ideas I'll develop for your company will be subjected to rigorous analyses and screening. They will reflect the values and uniqueness of your business, guaranteeing relevancy and clear market distinction

  • At least 5 original ideas per project
  • Affordable price, only $350
  • Quick turnaround of only 48 hours
  • All ideas are personally created by Eddie
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Let's Get Started!

Don't use your new domain name to describe your products or services. Don't compromise your image and reputation with an amateurish name. Work with an experienced expert and impress your target market with an original and powerful website name.

Ediwriter is one of the best online resources for creating new domain names. As a specialized naming consultant and marketing expert, I use proven development methods that will make you proud of your new creative name.

The price for the naming project is only $350. If you have any questions before starting your naming project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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5 original ideas within 48 hours



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