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Here's the thing. If you are famous, or if you are a beautiful and attractive person, then whatever you publish people will follow you. People love to follow beauty or famous people.

But if you are like most people, you'll have to work hard to attract likes and followers. If you want to promote products, services or a specific cause, then improving your account is essential.

That's when you need my help!

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Things you shouldn't do on Instagram

Cheesy Phrases
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Instagram is overloaded with tons of cheesy phrases. People are tired from all those boring phrases, they simply ignore them. Instagram users want something fresh, original and interesting.

Boring Images
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If you are on vacation and you have a great time it's perfectly fine to take pictures. But keep in mind that your followers are not part of your exitement. Don't make them view boring images.

Long Captions
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Your followers watch Instagram images and videos on mobiles. They scroll dozens and hundreds of images. They'll read short captions, but unless you're a celebrity they won't read long texts.

Go Beyond Your FB Friends

Even if you brought hundreds of friends from your Facebook account to Instagram and converted them into followers, it won't make much difference in the long run. They may be polite at the beginning and like your posts, but their commitment will slowly dissolve.

Remember! If you want to keep your Instagram account alive you have to publish great posts that can attract new followers. Don't rely just on daily events and personal experiences because it will get boring. Try to be creative and constantly refresh your concepts.

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When people land on your Instagram post you have just one short opportunity to impress them and attract their attention. You can do it with a great photo or with a great phrase. Every single post is a great opportunity to gain more likes and followers.

Don't waste it!

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Whether businesses or just private people, many Instagram accounts owners of all sizes ask me to send them a review report and assess their performance. Join them now! Ask me for a second unbiased opinion on how to improve your posts and make them more interesting.

Let's get started! Fill out the short form and after visiting your account I'll email you my report to the email address you provided. It's totally free, you have nothing to lose.

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