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Time to Replace Fake Flatter With a Critical Attitude

Ediwriter | August, 2018

Mining valuable and practical knowledge that can boost your business endeavors is one of the toughest and most complex challenges you're facing today. While the ammount of available online information is increasing exponentially, the time you can invest to explore it is decreasing at a disturbing rate. I call it the Big Business Data Challenge.

If you have goals and ambitions you are insanely busy. You must keep up with new technologies, track market changes and trends, and of course grow your business. You need to learn a lot, communicate a lot and work a lot.

What this means is that every minute counts and your time is precious!

Apparently we are all aware of this problem. And yet many of us still don't comprehend the extent and complexity of the Big Business Data Challenge. On websites people still use overloaded pages to satisfy Google's bots and on social media people still publish content to serve the platform and not the users.

The result: waste of time, resources and opportunities.

On Social Media the situation is better because the tendency is to favor images, videos or limited-space messages. But not Linkedin.

As the social platform for business, Linkedin encourages to write articles. The more articles you publish, the stronger your niche reputation; and the more relevant keywords you insert, the higher your platform's penetration.

So the obedient Linkedin writers are not wasting time. No sir. They fill out the platform with more and more articles, scratching their heads and keyboards in despair, asking themselves - 'what the heck can I write about today?'.

I have no intention to offend anyone of course so I won't mention names. But over the past days I've seen a renowned social media figure trying to explain a simple term using more than 20 paragraphs and repeating the term over and over again. Or another marketing expert philosophizing some banal marketing definition to death.

I then read an article of an even more famous figure with lots of followers, explaining... why she writes. I thought it was a complete waste of time to read the article and I didn't even agree with what she wrote.

And that's when it struck me!

Instead of commenting what I truly thought of her article, I flattered her phrasing and just tried to correct a misconception. Because as you know, the obedient Linkedin community has to be polite and act ethically. You have to flatter writers because that's the way to get followers and grow your own community.

But I think it's a mistake. In my opinion it's time to replace the fake flatter with a more critical attitude.

I hear you thinking - but the "why I write" lady may not like you and she won't follow you!

I know. But I believe that in the long run, writers who run out of ideas and just fill in pages with useless content are less valuable than writers who write for you and not for the platform. Although it may slow down your account's growth, but you'll be able to mine much more valuable knowledge, faster.

So bottom line: focus your messages, reduce content to minimum and stop encouraging people to write useless content. Stop faking flatter and be true with yourself.

Feel free to critic and correct me.




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