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How to Build & Design a Dental Website

The best kickoff for improving or developing a new dental website. The do's and don'ts, including reviews of dental websites.

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dental website design

Coping With the Tough Dentistry Competition

Wherever your dental clinic is located, there are probably many other similar clinics targeting the same market and offering more or less the same dentistry or orthodontic services. To stand out from the competition and attract more clients, you must use your website to make a strong professional impression and convince new visitors that you are their best option.

Is your website effective enough to achieve this goal and boost your performance?

Reviews of Dental Websites

The Premier Dental seems to have a very nice team of dentists, but their website looks outdated and amateurish. The top visual scrolls a bunch of high quality stock images that create a strong discrepancy with the poor looking design. This is a big mistake because it can ruin visitors' confidence.

The business logo is much too big, overloaded with heavy graphics and an unnecessary border. The navigation menu is placed above the branding section, which is a mistake. It also creates a weird large empty space between the menu and the visual.

The homepage has a background image that repeats itself. This used to be common design practice many years ago, but in our days it looks outdated and unprofessional.

dental website design
dental website design

Never Design Web Pages Like Brochures

If you take a good look at Premier Dental homepage on a desktop or laptop, you can see that it looks like a brochure page. The image on top, followed by text and a column on the side. In our responsive design era, this layout is wrong in terms of both, design and usability.

The navigation menu is very detailed, but it has a few flaws. For example, it doesn't make sense to place the "about us" link before the "services" link. People never read about a business before reading first about its offers. Also, there is no such thing as a "more" link on a menu. In fact, after the "home" link, everything else is "more".

The opening text is not good. Why? Because instead of presenting the clinic, its professional advantages or the team's specialization, the text wastes visitors' time by explaining useless thing like how to browse the site, or the fact that the site includes "an abundance of information". Also, it tells visitors "Please explore and learn as much about dentistry...". This is wrong, because people who land on such a website are not dentistry students, but people who look for treatment.

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How Not To Build a Dentistry Website

Forever Smile is another poorly structured website. It doesn't mean of course that their dentistry services are bad, only that their website doesn't reflect their professional competence.

The top area of the homepage is messy. Lots of useless elements stuffed all over the place for no good reason, while the nice business logo is hidden on the far left. The phone number and social media icons don't have to be on top. In addition, the search box should go off. This is an ancient design gimmick that can be useful only on large shopping portals.

The top visual displays too many scrolling banners. Users today move very fast between websites. They don't have the time and patience to stare at this kind of presentations, definitely not on mobiles. That's also one of the reasons the page is extremely slow - it gets only 15/100 on Google speed test, which is a big problem.

dentistry and dental website design
dentistry and dental website design

Forever Smile placed their appointment schedule call to action right below the main visual. Although it's not a mistake, I don't think it makes sense to ask people to set a consultation before introducing the clinic or at least the leading dentists.

The headline that follows asks people to "choose the best dental treatment". What?! People who arrive at a professional dental clinic have to choose the best treatment?! Isn't this the job of the dentist? I'm not sure what Forever Smile intended to say here, but the headline they came up with is a total embarrassment.

The long list of services that follows is fine, though a bit too detailed for a homepage. Since this website has a dedicated services section, there is no need to overload the homepage with so much information.

The opening text that follows the services list uses cheesy phrasing that can't instill confidence. This is a big mistake. For example, "Our vision...Our mission..." are irrelevant corporate phrases that do not belong to this kind of dentistry websites. Also, the text continues by listing (again!) the services the clinic offers, which is unnecessary content duplication.

When people land on your website you have just one short opportunity to explain why your dentistry clinic is their best choice and why they should trust you. Don't waste it!

How to Write Effective Content For Dentistry Websites

The content on DNTL dentistry website is an example of a well written and effective content. The messages are short, to the point and attached to high quality and relevant images.

Although there are a few design and layout flows, the overall look of DNTL homepage is truly unique and stands out from the endless common practices you see on most dental websites. Targeting the younger generation, the clinic calls itself a dental bar, which is a great idea.

The short messages, the lack of capital letters and the friendly calls to action create a very pleasant atmosphere, reducing stress and fear. The content gives visitors the feeling that they're going to enter an entertaining bar rather than a frightening dental clinic. Great work, very creative design and highly effective content.

dental website content

Any website can deliver plain information. But only a well developed website can convert visitors into clients.

The 3 Main Elements of a Successful Dental Website

There are many things you can do to bring new visitors to your website, but mainly 3 things to make them choose your dental clinic: effective messages, good rapport and strong confidence.

It doesn't matter if you own or manage one of the best clinics in your area. If your website has an outdated design with cheesy content, a fancy design with poor usability, slow pages with irrelevant images, ineffective layout with a poor marketing structure..., then it's a totally useless marketing tool. And the worst part - it can severely damage your business image and reputation.

Remember! The first impression shapes your visitors' confidence. If your website makes a favorable first impression, your visitors will feel confident enough to contact you and visit your dental clinic. If not, they'll click away disappointed, looking for additional options.

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