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An in-depth copywriting review of your online or offline marketing contents.

An Unbiased Second Opinion On Your Copywriting

If you're left scratching your head right now wondering why your texts and messages do not seem to communicate with your targets, I may have the answers for you. If the wrinkles on your forehead are getting deeper because your texts and messages fail to lead your targets to action, my free copywriting review can make them disappear.

Ediwriter's copywriting review service is a great opportunity to get a professional outside opinion on your content and messages, before making the necessary changes. Whether the content of a website, the text of a brochure, the messages on a TV commercial or even the effectiveness of a postcard, contact me know for a copywriting review! I'll send you an unbiased review report, including practical suggestions for immediate copywriting improvements.

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Effective copywriting is about communication and action; if your messages get through and lead to action, your copywriting works. Effective copywriting means content that attracts attention, stimulates curiosity, builds credibility and addresses your targets' needs. But not all audiences were born equal. Knowing your specific audience and talking their language - and I don't mean their native language, is essential. After all, you won't offer a cosmetic lotion to women the same way you offer a beer brand to men, right?

Copywriting is not about grammar, spelling or editing. Readers don't care about writing mechanics. If you want to sell products or services it's not enough to use well written plain information, otherwise English teachers would be billionaires by now. Good copywriting involves creativity, intuition and common sense. Well written content needs to blend rational arguments and emotional affection. This is the only way to grab the audience's attention and lead them to action.

Rewriting Key Texts, Reviving Key Messages

Whenever the blend of rational arguments and emotional affection is not properly balanced, the copywriting won't work. If the text is too rational, you're probably delivering too much information. But people never base their purchasing decisions on plain information. If the text is too emotional, it's probably overloaded with claims of greatness. Only that people are not impressed by claims of greatness these days. Boasting about how great you or your products are will turn them off.

That's exactly what makes my copywriting review service so important. Correcting the balance between your rational arguments and emotional messages can have a huge impact on your business image and performance, increasing the response rates and profits.

Ediwriter's free copywriting review and analysis will show you what works and what sends your targets to the competition. I'll explain how to make your messages more persuasive and how to maximize your performance. I'll transform conventional messages into dynamic and powerful concepts, leading your targets to action.

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Don't Leave Money On the Table

The copywriting review will also focus on the business image and first impression your content projects. Keep in mind that your targets don't just dig for information, they need to feel confident that they are doing the right thing. Your self-assurance, confidence and determination are big factors to your success.

Today your visitors are increasingly savvy and less patient. They are expecting much more from businesses they're buying from. They are exposed to a huge number of ad messages each and every day. To get through and affect their decisions you need to be among the best. You need to stand out of mediocrity and make the best possible impression on your audiences. Your commercial success and revenues can be dramatically increased if your texts and messages will be properly written.

Let's Get Started!

Send me your texts for a copywriting review right now. My in-depth review report will prove to be a great kickoff for immediate changes and improvement. Let's get started!

Over the past years I've provided copywriting reviews to many clients. From well established and renowned companies to start-ups and small businesses, my comments and suggestions have been successfully implemented to increase impact and response rates. Join them now! How do we get started? Very easily! Email me a link to your content, or just send it to me as an attachment. And yes, it's totally free!

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