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Ediwriter's analysis and critique report for ihcconstruction.com

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One of Ediwriter's most popular services is the free website review. Businesses from all industries ask me to review their websites and offer them a second professional opinion on their performance. It's free, with absolutely no commitment.

My review reports are not intended to judge or mock poorly performing websites, but to identify problems and suggest ideas for improvements. Here is my review report for a construction and building contractor website.

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Ihcconstruction homepage

Main visual: The scrolling banners on the homepage are impressive because they show the company's major projects. But is this scrolling presentation effective? I don't think so. I'll explain...

In our mobile-friendly (responsive) era, scrolling banners is not a good idea because people today don't have the patience and motivation to stop and stare at this kind of presentations. Definitely not on mobiles. Scrolling large banners on mobiles can drain batteries and annoy users. In fact if you visit ihccontruction with your mobile phone you'll see that it takes long time until the banners start scrolling, which is a big problem. The better idea would be to use one static banner per page.

Another big problem with these banners is the fact that they are mute. When displaying a banner as the page's main visual, it's very important to add a powerful headline or a statement. A mute banner is like welcoming a new client in a brick-and-mortar office without saying anything. It doesn't make sense.

Opening text: Placing the main content area of the page on the main visual is a big layout mistake. First of all, it makes the page look like a brochure page. Secondly, the text hides the main area of the banner. Thirdly, it looks bad on mobiles. Effective web pages need to be airy, using short paragraphs and nice relevant images to deliver strong messages.

The homepage's text starts with no headline. Big mistake.

The opening text of the homepage looks a bit too much like an about us text. Homepages and about us pages are not the same. While the homepage is a marketing oriented page, the about us is a profile page.

Navigation: The homepage has a navigation menu on top and another menu on the left. This is not good because using multiple menus is considered to be confusing. Since the left menu is actually the drop down menu of "what we build", placing it on the left doesn't make any sense. Moreover, on mobiles this menu is displayed before the main content, meaning that mobile users see 2 separate navigation menus before getting a chance to read any content!

On the main navigation menu, "about us" has been placed right after the homepage. This is a mistake. Visitors never read about a company or business before reading about its offers. Moreover, studies show that the "about us" pages are the least visited pages. They do not "deserve" such a high position.

The drop down menu of the about us section starts with 'community involvement'. Community involvement is important, but where is the about us text?! Yes, I know there is some text on the 'culture' page and some text on the 'history' page, but why not create a dedicated company profile page for prospective clients who need to form a fast first impression about this company? Why waste visitors' time with topics that no one is really interested or motivated enough to read? Do you know many people around you who enter business websites and focus on history and culture?!

Homepages must end with a clear call to action. The basic "hire us" call to action on this homepage is too short and doesn't create a significant impact.

Bottom line: Ihcconstruction looks like a premier professional construction company with a very impressive team and portfolio. The problem is that the website doesn't reflect it. To use it as an effective marketing tool the company will have to improve it or even rebuild it from scratch.

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