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Powerful Brochure Texts That Drive to Action

Increase your response rates with a well written brochure.

Don't Tell Them, Convince Them

There are two main elements that will determine the success of your next brochure: well phrased content and persuasive calls to action. Delivering basic information is fine, but if your brochure will only 'tell them' instead of 'convince them', it won't work. By transforming basic information into well written persuasive messages, you will get more people to read your brochure and you will also increase your targets' response rates. After all, you don't want your recipients to just read-and-know, you want them to read-and-act.

Well written brochure text is essential if you want to see a decent return on your investment. It doesn't even matter if you are making a great offer, if you are using a fancy design, or if you are a respected market leader. If your text is poorly written or boring, your brochure will turn out to be a huge waste of money, ruining your business image and credibility.

The Busiest People In the World

When reading your text, the average person is impatient, unmotivated and would probably prefer to be engaged in almost any other activity rather than reading your brochure. That's why you have a very short opportunity to make a favorable first impression.

The first impression your brochure makes is of utmost importance. The cover, the leading headline, the introduction and the overall design, will all have a very strong impact on the reader's decision whether to open the brochure and read on, or ignore it.

If the reader has opened your brochure, the job of the inner pages is to preserve the initial curiosity and stimulate further actions. That's why the content of the inner pages should be based on short phrases, appealing headlines, persuasive messages and impressive visuals.

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If It's Effective, It Will Work!

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To drive your targets to action, your brochure content will have to deliver a confident business image, build credibility and demonstrate competence. Use a sequential logic structure and describe your products or services by focusing on your most important competitive advantages and benefits.

Improved Usability

Writing the content for an advertising or marketing brochure is a complex job that requires experience, knowledge and creativity. Even if you already have all the relevant information related to your specific offer, you can't just splash it over the brochure's pages because it will turn the brochure into a basic article.

Higher Search Rankings

Your website's visitors despise sales pressure, sales jargon or endless texts stuffed with clichés and self-superlatives. They do appreciate though simple, direct and honest communication. They are not necessarily expecting total perfection, but they are definitely appreciating integrity and honesty.

Maximizing the Impact of the First Impression

It takes a huge effort to convince recipients to open a brochure, but it takes only one simple misjudgment to make them throw it away. Things like poorly phrased content, irrelevant images, messed up layout, aggressive sales jargon, self-promoting adjectives, or pompous statements will send your brochure's recipients running for the hills.

That's exactly why you need professional help! As a specialized and experienced copywriter I will maximize the impact of the first impression and keep your recipients engaged. My work will capture their attention, preserve their curiosity and convince them that your offer is their best choice.

Let's Get Started!

Ediwriter is one of the best resources for writing professional and persuasive brochure texts. After working for many years as a senior copywriter at major Ad Agencies, I have the skills and experience to write effective brochure content, increasing your targets' response rates. If you need concise brochure content that grabs attention and engages your audience, fill out the form and I'll send you a quote, together with useful guidelines on how to create a powerful and effective brochure.

If you already have a brochure and you need a second professional opinion, or if you are about to send your new brochure to print and want to make sure it's well written, ask me for a free brochure review. Let's get started!

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