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Ediwriter | September 2022

Review Brief

Website: attorneydfw.com

  • I checked your page's speed with Google. It received a score of 37/100, which is a very low score. Low scores mean slow pages. It's not only a problem for mobile users but also an SEO problem that can affect your search rankings.
  • I assume that the main reason for the slow speed is the top video. In my opinion, you should take off this video because its impact is not really significant. A high-quality static image should be fine.
  • Take off the 'home' link from the navigation menu. The standard today is to use the business logo as the home link. Also, don't start with 'about us'. Users never read about a company or business before reading first about its offers. Practice areas should be the first link, followed by case results and about us.
  • Placing a main headline and a sub-header on the top visual is fine. But your headline and sub-header are not good. First of all, the main headline should be a powerful statement, not just a business name. Secondly, "PUTTING OUR CLIENTS' NEEDS ABOVE ALL ELSE" is a very generic and extremely cheesy phrase. If you'll Google it you'll see a huge number of similar phrases. You need something much more meaningful and original.
  • Another problem with the structure of your header is that you have no relevant search terms in the above-the-folder area. Above-the-folder refers to the content a viewer sees before scrolling down. It's prime real estate that receives the most attention from your visitors because it's the first thing they see, which is why it should immediately pull the reader in.
  • Unfortunately, what you have now are texts that focus mainly on client relationships and very generic statements about your firm. These texts can't really instill confidence and convince users to work with you. Suppose I'm in some legal trouble and I need immediate assistance. And suppose I've just landed on your website. Why would I care that your firm builds lasting relationships with its clients?! Is this what I should care about right now? I don't think so...
  • The experience/results/trustworthy banner is a distraction. You can place this information on the "about us" page or on a separate "why us" page. But definitely not on top of the page, before even introducing your business.
  • Speaking of 'introducing', you are not using an introduction text. Something like "The Miller Law Firm is a leading...., specializing in.... It's your best option for overcoming legal...."
  • About us page: The 2 elements of the drop-down menu have nothing to do with "about us". The blog should be a separate link on the navigation menu. As for the payments page, I don't think it's necessary. After all, it's not that people land on your website, choose a service and click the payment link. People will make payments only after getting in touch with you. After agreeing on payments you can send them a link to this page or a link to the specific payment and that's it. As for the about-us text, why are you using third-person phrasing?! I think this is a big mistake. If you want people to trust you and hire your services, talk to them directly.
  • Practice areas page: I didn't go over those pages, but in my opinion they shouldn't look like word documents. I think that they should be converted to regular web pages with paragraphs and images.

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