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Before choosing your new business tagline, take a look at the following list of original ideas I've created for my clients. This list comprises just a small fraction of the many taglines I've provided over the past years.

Whether you need a business tagline for a new company or an advertising tagline for a campaign, don't compromise your reputation with amateurish ideas! While a powerful tagline can have a very favorable impact on your audience, a weak or tacky one can severely damage your business image.

Ediwriter is definitely your best resource for a new powerful tagline. I've been creating business and advertising taglines for almost 20 years, both as a senior copywriter at NYC Ad Agencies and as a freelance copywriter. My unique ideas are renowned all over the market and my creative work has been praised by many media experts.

Ediwriter's Tagline Examples:

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Stand out of mediocrity! Take advantage of this highly affordable opportunity and impress your audience with a new original tagline. Do not imitate your competition and do not compromise your business image. Demonstrate self confidence and assertiveness with a business tagline you can be proud of.

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What if you don't like my ideas?

It rarely happens, but it's a possibility. If you'd like me to tweak the ideas I've sent you, no problem at all. I'll send you a few more similar options for free. The other alternative is to choose the Extended Tagline Project, which includes 10 original ideas for only $250!

So let's get started now! If you have any questions before starting your project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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