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Powerful slogan ideas for hospitals, clinics and physicians

Every hospital, medical center or medical technology company that has a unique name and logo should also have an original slogan as part of its branding. Why?

  • A good slogan attracts immediate attention
  • Just like the logo and name, it's part of your professional identity
  • It's an excellent opportunity to make a powerful statement
  • It makes it easier to memorize your institution or organization's name
  • It makes you proud of your professional image

No, I'm not talking about a pompous phrase that tells your patients that your medical center provides excellent healthcare services. I'm talking about a smart phrase that captures the viewer's attention, sets you apart and sticks in mind.

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Think of it for a moment!

If you're displaying your institution's name with no slogan, your patients will try to memorize it without any associative logic or meaning. Not very helpful, is it? And if you'll add a basic or tacky phrase it won't create any impact and they'll still have to remember the name.

But if you'll use a powerful slogan it will make them stop and think. It will stir emotional feelings, it will be easy to memorize and it will strengthen your patient's loyalty. In fact your medical slogan will become an authentic reflection of your professional pride.

Need a new medical slogan? Let's get started!

If you're here it means that you're looking for original catchy ideas. That's a smart first step. But whatever you choose...

  • DON'T copy your competitors' slogans
  • DON'T use amateurish ideas that can ruin your image
  • DON'T grab irrelevant ideas you've found online
  • DON'T compromise on amateurish suggestions you get from colleagues or friends

Why would you use a weak or taken slogan if you can get highly creative and professional ideas for only $150?!

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Be original and creative. Be unique.

Choose your own unique statement. Pick a slogan that can reflect your organization's image, values and reputation.

Bad medical slogan examples:

We Take Good Care of Your Health. Specialized Physicians Ready to Treat You.

Good medical slogan examples:

Treating the Most Confident Patients.copyrights The Healthy Values of Medical Leadership.copyrights

Visit my slogans examples page to see more ideas.

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How does it work and what do you get?

The price for creating a new medical slogan is only $150. This affordable price is based on my vast expertise and creative talent, which enable me to provide the same professional level that major ad agencies provide for much higher prices (I know, I've been there). Take advantage of this opportunity and order your slogan now!

  • 3 original ideas to choose from
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  • Free use of the chosen winner

What if you don't like my ideas?

It rarely happens, but it's a possibility. If you'd like me to tweak the ideas I've sent you, no problem at all. I'll send you a few more similar options for free. The other alternative is to choose the Extended Slogan Project, which includes 10 original ideas for only $250!

So let's get started now! If you have any questions before starting your project, please email me and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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