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Effective medical brochures - don't tell them, convince them!

As a copywriter with more than 20 years of professional expertise, one of my specialization fields is copywriting for medical and health care brochures. Whether you need a fresh look for your services and facilities or require a stand-alone sales tool, I can help you create the most effective brochure, delivering a strong and lasting impact.

If you're going to print a new medical brochure and showcase your services or solutions to prospective patients, keep in mind that your competitors will be doing the same. To stand out the competition and at the same time to make a strong impression on your clients, you'll have to create a powerful and exclusive business image. You'll have to get noticed and position your medical facility as a leader in its field.

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Your medical brochure can be an extremely powerful advertising medium. A motivating and persuasive brochure should use concise phrasing, high quality visuals, appealing headlines and most important - a sequential logic structure.

Whether it's for a medical center, a medical clinic, a dental clinic, a hospital or for medical equipment, your brochure will have to attract attention, arouse interest, deliver a first class business image and make a concise call-to-action. Without positioning your facility as an authority in its area and without delivering a confident image, it will be very difficult to build the basic credibility which is needed for the business purposes. That's exactly what brochure writing is all about and that's exactly what I do.

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Essential elements that can boost your performance

In general, your front page (cover) should be used as a stimulating teaser, comprising the logo, a powerful slogan and an impressive visual. It should create sufficient curiosity to make your target want to turn the page and see what's inside. If your target is not tempted to look inside, then your brochure has failed.

The inside pages of your brochure should deliver the relevant information about your clinic, hospital or health care solutions. Use paragraphs and short text blocks, not overloaded pages. It's very important to leave empty spaces and use high quality illustrations to complement the verbal messages.

The last page of your brochure should be used to articulate your call-to-action and display your contact details. The back page must be exciting and stimulating enough to motivate the reader into some form of response. Don't be tempted to fill all the empty space with text, it's totally useless and ineffective.

Click here to request a quote for your medical brochure writing. Whether it's an informational or sales brochure, I'm probably your best choice for writing the most effective and responsive content.

Free Brochure Review!

If you already have a brochure and you need a second professional opinion, or if you are about to send your new brochure to print and want to make sure it's well written, ask me for a free brochure review. I'll send you a detailed review report, including recommendations and practical suggestions on how to improve what you already have. Yes, click here, it's free!

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